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LinkNYC Project

Loan Amount: $157,500,000

The NYCRC provided a $157.5 million loan to CityBridge, the entity selected by the City of New York to oversee the construction of the City’s street level, high-speed public wireless infrastructure network called LinkNYC.  By replacing New York City’s system of public pay telephones with connection points called “Links”, CityBridge is transforming the City’s physical streetscape and creating a new above-ground Wi-Fi network. 

Links are state-of-the-art connection points that house wireless technology and interactive systems.  Each Link structure provides 24/7 free Internet access; free phone calls to anywhere in the United States; a touchscreen tablet interface to access City government services and directions; access to 311 City information and 911 emergency calls; free high-speed charging stations for mobile devices; and digital displays for advertising and public service announcements.    

The LinkNYC project is the result of a public-private partnership between the New York City Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation, the City of New York Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and CityBridge a consortium of leading companies in technology, telecommunications, and advertising.