EB-5 capital used to assist the construction of a street-level, high-speed public wireless infrastructure network for New York City

NEW YORK, NY – November 2, 2020 – The New York City Regional Center (“NYCRC”) is pleased to announce that the first I-829 petitions have been filed in the New York City Wireless Infrastructure Project II (“EB-5 Project”).  I-829 petitions have now been filed in all 21 NYCRC offerings.  To date, 1,773 I-829 petition approvals have been issued in NYCRC offerings resulting in 5,152 individuals (EB-5 investors and family members) achieving permanent residency in the United States. 

The EB-5 Project involves the ongoing construction of a street-level, high-speed public wireless infrastructure network for New York City.  The network, named “LinkNYC”, has brought the fastest available public Wi-Fi service to millions of New Yorkers, businesses, and visitors.  By replacing New York City’s system of public pay telephones with connection points called “Links”, the City of New York is increasing New Yorkers’ access to information.  Links are connection points that house wireless technology and interactive systems.  Each Link kiosk is providing 24/7 free Internet access; free phone calls to anywhere in the United States; a touchscreen tablet interface to access City government services and directions; access to 311 City information and 911 emergency calls; free high-speed charging stations for mobile devices; and digital displays for advertising and public service announcements.  The LinkNYC network is also providing a series of public safety and emergency messaging features. 

The Project is the result of a public-private partnership between the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the New York City Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation, and CityBridge, a consortium of leading companies in technology, telecommunications, connectivity engineering, advertising, and user-experience. 

All $157,500,000 of EB-5 capital was received by CityBridge and spent on qualified construction expenditures.  The I-829 petition submission reflects that a total of $271,151,000 in qualified construction costs have been spent on the Project to date resulting in the creation of 3,159.7 jobs from construction-related activity.

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